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Virtuous Good Essay --

He aims. His arm contracts, it contracts in a 90 degree angle, while he waits calculating distance as if he were a scientist solving and deducing the exact equation to create the perfect parabolic motion for his projectile, the ball. He knows when its time, his arm stretches up high, the confined agglomerated power discharges. His fingers still hold the ball, as if it where claws holding on to its prey. The hand reaching its peak, as it forms a hook; but his fingers still grasp the ball, each of his joints stretch simultaneously while he lets go, the ball slowly leaves his hand and beautifully flies to the target, the basket.  His hand still points directly towards the target, his eyes stare directly at his aim, as if he where an archer still holding his bow anxiously waiting for his arrow to hit the targeted aim. He has done it with excellence, the basketball player has shot the ball in the most virtuous way, he has the right timing, and he knows it’s good and perfect all because in essence his a basketball player, as if he was a horse, and what makes a horse so excellent at galloping and carrying on its functions, is the fact that this is its purpose, its essence. Essence proceeds existence, if we ought to have a purpose, and know that we have this purpose our duty is to and develop virtues to perform the essence in the most excellent way. Whether the purpose differs in each is no matter, one must abide to this purpose and act in natural accordance. Eli is a vampire, and because this is her essence is her duty to be a vampire, she’s meant to carry her natural instincts in the most virtuous way, and while abiding herself to these natural instincts she is capable of knowing what’s good and bad, and therefore by apprehending her mo...  ...ermines her mean to be just.“Between friends there is no need for justice, but people who are just still need the quality of friendship; and indeed friendliness is considered to be justice in the fullest sense. It is not only a necessary thing but a splendid oneâ€� (AristotleVlll). Eli and Oskar form a sentimental bond. The similarities of their everyday lives like the marginalization they receive, provides to the strengthening of this bond. Eli indeed cares for her friendship with Oskar; she also knows that what is being done to him by his bullies is wrong.  In consequende she chooses to defend her beloved friend, and at the fullest sense, acts, as the Monstrous vampire that she is, with the wild instincts that she embraces, she decides to defend Oskar, to protect her friendship. The constant bullying Oskar receives portraits the Works CitedNichomachean ethics               

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